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Sioux Falls Tree Company

Sioux Falls Tree Company provides limb trimming, arborist healing, Emergency Storm Clean up and
affordable pricing models including financing

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We are a locally owned business based in Sioux Falls; we cater to the people of Sioux Falls and surrounding areas. We started our goal of helping the people around us by maintaining and caring for their trees. Sustaining and maintaining our beautiful trees has been a dream of ours.

We found ways we could help the people of Sioux Falls by offering them services for their trees that ended up costing them merely a fraction of what they would’ve spent in the long run without maintaining their trees. Today we are one of the most contacted tree service companies aiding our clients with our available services.

About Us

At Sioux Falls Tree Company our mission is to care and maintain all the trees in the Sioux Falls area. We started as a small locally owned business and today we have completed thousands of services to the people in our area. We are ever-growing and constantly advancing with our innovative methods and technology used on site. All of our members have experience in the industry and excel in their customer satisfaction with the services rendered. We are always finding ways to better our services for our clients' benefit. We focus on keeping our clients as happy as we keep their trees.

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Our Services

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It is our goal to offer high end quality tree felling services to our clients, we aim to please our clients with our available services and the quality they receive when hiring us. We offer tree healing and treatment for those older trees that seem to be different than before. We remove and trim your trees, whether you have a fresh or an old stump and you want it removed, we can assist you with your tree stump removal. Our wide range of services is tailored to the clients of Sioux Falls and what is commonly required in the area. We cater to our clients and their specific service needed.

Tree Trimming
Tree Removal
Stump Removal

Tree Trimming

Pruning or tree trimming has many benefits for the health of your trees, each tree species requires a certain way in which it is trimmed and cared for. We have studied the mannerisms of these trees to certify what requires trimming or treatment. With years of experience in felling we have a reputation for exemplary customer service and a passion for the services we offer our clients. All of us at Sioux Falls Tree Company have a passion for what we do and enjoy assisting our clients with their trees.

Tree Removal

For all your tree felling and removal services you can contact our team of contractors who are experienced in felling and tree removal. It is our duty to ensure that all our contractors have the experience to remove a tree safety, for the safety of our contractors and our clients. Each individual on our team has training on the equipment and machinery used to safely remove a tree from a property. The correct measures and procedures are adhered to in order to remove and dispose of the tree accordingly.

Stump Removal

Our services include stump removal and stump grinding, two effective methods used in removing tree stumps from our clients properties. Once the stump has been assessed the best outcome is discussed and chosen to move forward. There are a few underlying factors that contribute to the specific method for various reasons which our experts will clearly explain to all our clients before proceeding with a service. All our clients are always satisfied with the outcomes and the solutions we have for the problems faced with stump removal.

stump removal completed
tree cutting in progress
tree trimming in progress

Emergency Tree Service
Arbor Healing Service
Affordable Tree Service

Emergency Tree Service

Our emergency team is always on call and ready to tend to any of our clients tree emergencies, from a broken down branch to a tree that has fallen over. Our team is equipped with the necessary tools to assist you in your time of need. Our in house on call team is available during the storm season; we assist our clients in being prepared for the windy seasons, securing their safety and their trees on their properties.

Arbor Healing Service

We have a team of experienced Arborists available at our client’s disposal, not many have the knowledge to understand exactly what your tree needs. We took it upon ourselves to find the best in Sioux Falls and get them on board our team, with years of experience and a love for the plant life in Sioux Falls. Our experienced Arborists ensure that our client’s trees are cared for and provided for. We ensure that your trees are healthy and supporting your environment in a good way. We are constantly going the extra mile for our clients; we won’t stop ensuring our client satisfaction.

Affordable Tree Service

In the entire Sioux Falls area, we are known for our affordable tree services, we cover all tree cutting, trimming and tree healing services. We keep to our word of keeping the quality high and the cost low. We encourage our clients to find a price elsewhere for the quality of work we offer our clients. Many ask us how it’s possible; we keep reminding our clients that we only want our clients to have the best quality at the best rates available. We keep a tight lock on how we quote our clients as it is important that our clients are satisfied with their quote.

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tree in need of arbor healing service
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Contact Us Today

Contact us today about the available services we have at this time, we are available to take any of your queries and bookings. Our customer service team works around the clock to keep the communication channels open between our clients and our team on site. You can get in contact with us by calling us on the listed number on our website. Once you have contacted us, our customer service consultant will take your call and assist you accordingly. Ensuring that everything is done up to the standard our clients deserve and that you are satisfied with your overall service received by us.

“The company got back to me within minutes, the person who assisted me was really helpful and eager to answer all of my questions. I scheduled an appointment in order to get a quote on the work that needed to be done. I was shocked by the cost of the service as it has been the most reasonable price I found so far. Usually the services for tree trimming would be extremely expensive, they did a good job and left no mess behind, I like that.” Maria. J

“I had a stump that should’ve been removed a long time ago, finally I made the effort to get it done and I was really happy with the job they did. They explained the procedure to me and which procedure would be best for the aged stump in my yard. They assisted me and they were done in no time. I was extremely impressed with the team that came out and did the job for me; I have their number on speed dial for any of my tree services.” Danny. P

“Yesterday a branch snapped and is now hanging at bad angle, a friend gave me their number, a team came right out to help me, and they explained that our tree has been dying. The assisted me with the necessary services. Since then, they have been my go to people for any of my trees on my property. You cannot go wrong when choosing this company to help you with your garden.” Gee. A